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There are three major problems in the development of metal stamping parts

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There are three major problems in the development of metal stamping parts

Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source: Views:

Metal stamping industry after thirty years of reform and opening up, the rapid development of precision metal stamping production, business ownership began to shift to the private sector, the location of the enterprise began to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other market economic development earlier, the government began to recognize the characteristics of industrial development is conducive to the government to increase revenue, is conducive to the development of local residents and increase revenue, and thus spend great efforts to build industrial base.

In accordance with the "Chinese hardware industry regional Title Management Measures" (Revised Draft) in the way to divide the existing Chinese Name: hardware products are 3, namely: China lock (Wenzhou), China (Yuhuan), the valves are China buttons are (bridge); Chinese hardware industry base 8 A: that is, Chinese hardware industry base (Xiaolan), Chinese (nozzle) Chinese base stainless steel products production base, production of taps (Xinhui), China (Wenzhou) metal lighter production base, Chinese (Wenzhou) shaver production base, China hardware products (Yuyao) production base, production base (China export tool Jinhua), China screen industrial base (An Ping); a Chinese hardware town (town) 3, namely: China zipper Village (bridge), Chinese hardware town (Yongkang), China hardware town (Daxin Town). According to the survey Baihui mould network CEO Ronaldo, found the main problems of Chinese metal stamping industry:

One, the degree of specialization is low, the shape is not the size, the economic benefit is poor

Metal stamping parts and the host, the enterprise to establish initial capital technology required to invest relatively little, experienced several times during the national economic development, a number of private production enterprises have sprung up, but because of the market demand, small, shape is not economic scale. Most of the hardware manufacturers themselves are large and small, and the degree of specialization is low, the level of equipment is not high, the quality is not stable, and the economic benefit is low. Such as the motor industry of our country three large enterprises with an annual output of micro motor is less than a foreign famous companies 50%. In the last two years, the local area of our country has built thousands of stamping parts factory, but the annual output of more than 300000 only a few, the main products for agricultural support. The annual output of Germany Rexroth stamping products 1300000, Japan Yuken (strain) is also an annual output of 600000 or more. Industrial developed country mold enterprise per capita output value of about 200000 to 150000 U.S. dollars, China is only 40000 ~ 50000 yuan. Luo Baihui pointed out that in recent years, with a variety of common development policies to implement the system, the hardware industry is experiencing a gradual process from scattered to gradually set intensive development.

Two, the shortage of capital investment, scientific research and development strength is weak

Hardware industry in the end of the 70's in the late 80's, early's earlier introduced a number of foreign advanced technology, but the digestion and absorption of the lack of adequate hardware and software investment. According to foreign experience, the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption of the required funds ratio of about 1:7, while China's awareness of the late, slow digestion and absorption. Market competition in fact technology strength contest. Foreign to this very seriously, have increased investment, occupy the commanding heights of technology. The major famous companies for scientific research and development funds accounted for 5% to 4% of its sales, key areas of 10%. At present, although there are many institutions of higher learning in our country engaged in scientific research work, many theoretical research, scientific research results, the patent papers have a fairly high level, but with the actual production of the combination is not tight, in particular, into a slow commodity.

Three, raw materials and related technology behind

Due to the fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, mold and other products used by the domestic steel quality difference, the variety of specifications, directly affect the quality of the stamping parts. Machinery based parts are generally in bulk, mass production, there are many varieties, processing precision requirements of high products, so the production process and equipment requirements, investment. High efficiency and high precision machine, production line or flexible line, to achieve high efficiency and automation production. However, some of the basic parts of our country are subject to financial constraints, investment is not much, the enterprise self transformation ability is poor, the advanced equipment is small and not supporting, affecting the quality of the product.

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